Community Development

Endeleo embraces community development and its inseparable link to health. The mission to revitalize 95 th Street Corridor in Washington Heights is based on health-conscious, cultural redevelopment of the 95 th Street Commercial Corridor. For Endeleo, in 2014 the first salvo in that development was spearheading the multi-million dollar, community-led restoration of the Carter G. Woodson Regional Library at the intersection of 95th and Halested. Reopened in February, 2018 the anchor institution, which houses the Vivian G. Harsh Collection, the largest repository of African-American literature in the Midwest has been repurposed as health information hub, empowering Washington Heights residents as citizen scientists to actively participate in their own healing. Settle for more.


Goals and outcomes include:

  • Creating a healthy culture in the community

  • Developing a thriving business corridor that stimulates economic investment

  • Developing of a strong work force with related activities, including training for the green industries

  • Increasing availability of affordable housing