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The Endeleo Institute is a 501c(3) organization founded in 2011 by Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) in the Washington Heights community of Chicago, IL. Endeleo is a public charity that fuses three former TUCC entities, Health, Education, and Community Development, into an umbrella organization. 


Endeleo Health, through partnerships with the American Heart Association, Northwestern Hospital, and the University of Illinois at Chicago hospital, provides health education and resources on such topics as heart and kidney health and Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Endeleo Education provides students in grades 9-12 with educational services such as workshops, tutoring, scholarships information, FAFSA application assistance college tours (canceled due to the pandemic), and more to enhance their high school education and prepare them for college and beyond.


Endeleo Community Development utilizes Community Engaged Research (CEnR) to revitalize the 95th Street Corridor in Washington Heights with new businesses, employment opportunities, healthy food options, and educational resources available to the community through funding and partnerships with numerous organizations throughout the city.

Our Mission

To empower Washington Heights and surrounding communities by repurposing existing assets and leveraging Community Engaged Research (CEnR) to improve health, education, and economic outcomes for greater quality of life.

Our Vision

A healthy, thriving Washington Heights and surrounding communities, transformed by high-quality education, food security, abundant access to affordable healthcare, and a thriving economy undergirded by CEnR.

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