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Free and Fresh Market

We are excited about bringing a 21st Century Market to Imani Village (95th Street and Cottage Grove)

What is a 21st Century market - A market that not only provides free food to those who need it, but give back the freedom of choice in what food they receive. Shoppers will be able to select the food they need and want as opposed to receiving food they cannot use. 


We will offer classes provided by physicians, American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, and the American Diabetes Association. 

We will partner with medical provides to provide a "farmacy" where patients are referred to healthy foods instead of or in addition to medication.

The market will house a food demonstration kitchen to provide the community with information and suggestions on preparing healthy meals at home.

Our goal is to provide both the knowledge and the food supply to help the community live healthier lives.

We will share updates on our progress and look forward to welcoming you through our doors!

Coming Soon!

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