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Stethoscope on the Cardiogram


Endeleo Health

We focus on conditions that impact health, commonly referred to as the Social Determinants of Health.  We challenge the notion that health is solely an individual’s responsibility and utilize the determinants of health as a social construct to explain why some individuals and groups have better or worse health outcomes than others.  Recognizing the interrelated nature of conditions in our community enables Endeleo to develop strategies that help individuals exert a higher degree of control over their health.  Our work is undergirded by Community-engaged Research (CEnR), a data-driven approach that connects health researchers and academic institutions to community residents.  Endeleo serves as a bridge to those connections.


Creating a Community-Based Participatory Research Partnership to Improve Disparities for African Americans and Kidney Disease

Carter G. Woodson


Dementia-Friendly Library 


Exploring the Pandemic’s Impact on Mental Health


A Desert Oasis: Prescribing Healthy Food and Education to Improve Kidney Health in Black Communities


Gates open at 9 am

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